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Privacy Policy

Costello Photography makes the privacy of all users of their website and all of the associated services a top priority.We maintain a firm dedication and commitment to protecting not only the privacy of your information but your photographs as well.You agree that you will be bound by the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy when you visit the website of Costello Photography or any other website owned by or controlled by Costello Photography.Because we feel it's in your best interest to carefully review not only terms of service but our privacy policy we hereby bind you to agreeing to abide by not only our terms and conditions of use,but our terms and conditions that are found in this privacy policy as well.By continuing to use our services you agree that you have read carefully this policy and understand how Costello Photography collects and uses information that we collect on our websites

Information We Collect

Information that allows Costello Photography to identify you personally is never collected unless you specifically supply that information to us by filling out a form, providing it in an email or registering for any services we have or may have in the future on our website.If you fill out any forms on our website, including registering for future newsletters,joining our email lists,reserving our services or ordering service or products from us we may ask for your real name, your email address and potentially the date of your wedding (or other event).If you are ordering services for fees you may also be asked for specific billing information including your mailing address and telephone number.

Automatically Collected Information

At Costello Photography we want to be able to provide you, our customers and potential customers with relevant content on our website, thorough and relevant emails and more.Because of this we need to track certain information that will allow us to create these target services.The Costello Photography website collects information such as your internet provider address, your browser type, your domain name, time of access, length of visit, referral links, computer platform, whether you are a new or returning user, a time stamp and what page you exit our website from.This information is collected whether you are a registered user of our site or a non-registered user.

None of this data that we collect identifies you personally, but it does allow us to create a statistical analysis of user information that allows us to analyze trends and to compare it with performance over time which helps us customize our website even more to allow you a more tailored browsing experience.The information that we collect is not shared - we are the sole owner of this information and it would only be used to enhance our services to you.

Collected information also extends to telephone, email and fax information that might occur between you and Costello Photography customer service department if it has to do with the website.

How we use the information

As indicated the sole purpose of collecting this data is to enhance the experience you have when you visit our website. Data is used to help us serve you better, including dates you're requesting services, allowing you to manage your registration, reservation or booking of services, assistance we provide in use of the site or our any features offered on our site, management of purchases on our site and management of photos that we store on our site.

Costello Photography is committed to providing you with information and content that most closely fits your interests. If you have elected email communications from us we use the data that we have collected from you to ensure that you are receiving emails that are of interest and fit your needs.

If you have set up an online profile with Costello Photography the information may be edited by you and you may elect to share that information with others who use our site.We also use your information to send you service announcements such as operations changes, updates, etc. If you refer a friend to Costello Photography or you provide links to your photos we may alert you via email unless you opt out of such notifications.All emails are optional and you may opt out of them at any time.

Who else sees your information?

Personally Identifiable Information

If you make a reservation with us to have us take photographs or if you make a deposit through our website Costello Photographers will share your information with third parties only to the extent that it is necessary for us to ensure that your services are conducted in a professional and accurate manner.

Personal information will not be shared with third parties except for those who are directly involved in ensuring that your photography sessions and the associated services are completed successfully.

In the event that Costello Photographers elects to sponsor any type of contests, sweepstakes or similar events via our website any personal information that you share in conjunction with these entries will be shared with the firms that we have contracted with to provide these services but always in compliance with this privacy policy. All of our third party contractors for these types of services are obligated to use your data only for the explicit purpose of their relationship and they will be compelled and required to abide by all of the terms of our privacy policy.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Your non-personal information that is collected by Costello Photography is statistical in nature and because we use it to evaluate our website and our websites visitors we often share this information with advertisers and/or partners. We do not reveal any of your personal information when we make these disclosures - any personal information is used only as explicitly explained in this privacy policy and if we do need to share your personal information for any other purpose than we have previously disclosed we always allow you the opportunity to opt out of that sharing.

If you elect to share a testimonial or a comment about our services and/or our website such content may be published. In addition, at any time Costello Photography may be required to provide your personal information to government authorities, judicial authorities or a law enforcement agency if we are compelled to through a subpoena, a court order, or any other legal process that we are required to disclose by law. Your personal information may also be shared by Costello Photography if there is an investigation or other actions that are a result of suspected illegal activities or suspected fraud including (and not limited to) your contact information, billing information and photographs.

Third parties (such as credit card companies) may request from us your personal information for the purposes of settling disputes - this information will be provided by Costello Photography. Unless your personal information is needed to resolve any issues between a third party provider and you or us, we will not disclose that information to a third party without your prior consent.

The Costello Photography website may contain links to third party websites - it is important that you understand that this privacy policy does not extend to these sites unless they are explicitly owned or managed by Costello Photography and you should carefully review their privacy policies. We are not responsible for how they use information they collect from you as this policy is specifically meant for information that is collected on Costello Photography owned/operated websites.

How We protect your information

We understand that data handling and storage procedures can put information at risk. At Costello Photography we have systems that are specifically designed to ensure the confidentiality of all of your information. We have incorporated specific safeguards that are appropriately set up to maintain the security, integrity and accuracy of the privacy of your information. All possible precautions are taken to protect your personal information from loss, misuse and alteration and we take special care to encrypt all credit card information through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology before it is transmitted to us through the internet.

Costello Photography takes special steps to review their privacy policies and we review and enhance those policies periodically using individuals who are authorized to access personal information collected on our website. We ask that you be aware that regardless of how stringent our policies are, we cannot guarantee that personally identifiable information isn't disclosed to an unauthorized party - it is possible for information to be intercepted. You agree that Costello Photography will not be responsible for any claims that might rise out of or be related to information that has been intercepted illegally and that you release us from all claims if that information is used in any unauthorized manner.

Your Photographs

If/When Costello Photographs makes your photographs available on our website, you will be able to control who may view those pictures that you elect to store in your personal account. We do out level best to keep those pictures secure and private but if you post a link to this account on your website or other websites, or if you share the link with friends/family members/co-workers and in doing so share your personal account information then it is possible that they may become accessible to persons who you do not wish them to be available to.


As of the date of this privacy policy we do not have a registered section of our website however there are plans to create one. As part of this registration there are some things you will need to be aware of:

A) Registration is optional - if you elect to not register there may be portions of the Costello Photography website that are not accessible to you;

B) Registration is required for bookings - if you wish to complete a booking through our website then registration is required;

C) Deletion of Account - reasonable efforts will be made by Costello Photography to delete your personal information if requested by you however, while we may functionally delete all of your personal information residual information may remain in some of our backups;

D) Access - you have full access to your account and have the right to modify, update or correct all personal information contained in it that does not compromise the security or privacy of Costello Photography

Emails from Costello Photography

Registration for our service also entails some automatic email notifications including notifications of scheduled outages, notification of special deals, and other information that we feel might be beneficial to the customers or potential customers of Costello Photography.If at any time you wish to discontinue these emails you may opt out of them as follows:

  • unsubscribe from any email you receive from us; or
  • Call us at 1-877-969-6959 and request removal

Cookies and How they are used

Cookies are used by Costello Photography much like they are used on many websites to (a) improve you experience on our website and (b) reduce the time it takes you to complete bookings.

Cookies are small text files - they serve as identifying information that is passed from a web server and subsequently stored on your hard drive.Cookies allow the web server to identify your computer when you return to the website and help improve your return visit. No personal or sensitive information is collected or transmitted in cookies; they are used for tracking purposes only. Your web browser might prompt you to accept a cookie and if you refuse to accept them there may be portions of the Costello Photography website that remain inaccessible to you.

Children's Privacy

We take the privacy and safety of children very seriously at Costello Photography. And while we believe that parents are responsible for insuring that anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed to access our website, we do not knowingly (a) permit them to use our website (b) collect personal information from them. Costello Photography does not have any targeted marketing that would readily appeal to children under the age of 13. If for any reason we come to believe that a child is under 13 and has attempted to send us personal information we will respond directly to that child (or if identifiable a parent or guardian) and advise them that we cannot receive their personal information without the express consent of a parent or guardian.

International Users - Applicable Law.

Costello Photography collects, processes, stores, discloses and disposes of personal information that you submit to us in accordance with applicable United States law. Please be aware that United States law may offer different levels of protection for personal information than may be available in your country.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Costello Photography reserves the right to change our privacy policy at any time and will amend such policy as we deem appropriate. All changes to our privacy policy are posted to our website and are effective immediately upon our posting them.You agree that you will review from time to time our privacy policy as well as our terms of service and you agree that your continued use of our website will constitute your agreement and your acceptance of this privacy policy.

Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns regarding your privacy or security on our website, feel free to contact us or email


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